Property Management and Gated Communities

With the endless flow of authorized and unauthorized access to and within gated communities and apartment complexes, it is perhaps property management’s most critical responsibility. Ensuring the ease of movement of residents, their guests, and community staff requires customized solutions that include but are not limited to automated gates, gate operators and wireless access control for residents.

For residential communities, wireless access control systems are not only changing the way residents enter their homes securely, but also the way they grant access to their guests, deliveries, cleaning services, dog walkers, and more. With cloud, internet and cellular based technologies, homeowners can now control access to their properties from their cell phones or PCs—in real time. Cutting edge systems are low cost and low maintenance, and integrate well with video, cameras and voice streaming. This is a win-win for property managers as they can eliminate gate attendants, pass the savings onto property owners, and also create a stream of revenue.

From automated gate systems to manage vehicular traffic, to pedestrian gate and door access control, to wireless access control for residents, residential complexes and gated communities require custom solutions that take into consideration location, environment, power sources and infrastructure. R3 Access staff and our partnering manufacturers, like Liftmaster, are available to assist with solutions, design, and installation.

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