Systems for the Highest-Level Security

Crash Systems: Highest-Level Security Solutions

Crash systems, also called anti-ram barriers, are uniquely designed for controlling, limiting or mitigating access to properties and areas requiring the highest level of protection for the highest level of safety. These high-level security systems are rated by third-party organizations and provide protection against vehicle attacks and accidents for embassies, sports arenas, airports, refineries and other areas that require protecting people and buildings.

Only the highest levels of protection and safety are acceptable for compounds , government buildings, military installations, and utility plants. R3 Access provides crash/anti-ram operators and systems from the best and most reliable manufacturers. . .  for the protection of people, properties, and public spaces.

From wedge barriers to bollards to M50 crash barrier arms, R3 Access offers top-rated restrictive and barrier access systems by manufacturers like HySecurity, for one, all featuring the latest and most advanced protection technology available. Plus, our skilled team is accustomed to working with general contractors, installers, architects, engineers and electricians to recommend updates to old blue prints for compatibility with state-of-the-art systems. Your time is valuable, and we get it.

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