Controlled Access for College, Corporate & Healthcare Campuses

Advanced Campus Access Control Systems

Whether medical, educational or a corporate campus, securing the perimeter and entry points is as critically important as granting internal access to employees, visitors, deliveries and others with varying degrees of clearance and allowances. Each property requires a unique solution for access control. And the larger the property, the more customized the access control requirements usually are.

Most access control products are tested to UL safety standards, adding another level of safety for students, residents, employees, patients, visitors and guests. Once the level of access control desired for a particular campus, state of the art solutions are available for any type of multi- building site. When protecting properties that require greater perimeter security, it’s essential that gate operators are considered in the site design. For these reasons, R3 Access staff and our partnering manufacturers are available to assist with solutions, design, and installation.

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