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Secure Your Base with Military Security Solutions

Military bases and installation are among properties and areas requiring the highest level of security and access control, and defense against unauthorized intruders begins at the perimeter.

Military personnel responsible for securing facilities and areas and also for allowing access to permitted parties, require the most technologically advanced, highest-level security, efficient and reliable crash-rated (or anti-ram) and other access control systems.

Crash gates are tested at certified facilities and must meet DOS (Department of Safety) and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). Both certifications take into consideration the weight of a vehicle, the speed at which it’s traveling, and the distance a truck-bed has to travel beyond the access gate opening.

Access control entries are often the first interface between public and the military property, and must be designed to protect staff, facilities and other areas from unauthorized entry or hostile vehicle attacks.

When protecting government and military infrastructure from a hostile vehicle strike, crash-rated barriers and bollards are essential in. Additional gate operators can be incorporated into the site design for proper integration. For these reasons, R3 Access staff and our partnering manufacturers are available to assist with solutions, design, and installation.

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