HySecurity: Knows Automated Gates — They Engineer Them

HySecurity prides itself on its certifications in the engineering and design of high security automated gate and perimeter systems. The company is recognized industrywide as a leader, and known for the highest quality, thoroughly reliable industrial gate operators, as well as crash-rated, “Hostile Vehicle Mitigation” (HVM) barriers designed to protect people, properties and places in areas requiring the highest levels of security.

Like nearly all of the manufacturers R3 Access carries, HySecurity offers hands-on support for installers, contractors and engineers on gate opener installation, systems compatibility, power options and more.

Additionally, HySecurity goes a step further offering gate and site design. They can provide consultation support on industry certifications such as UL 325 and ASTM F2200, the two highest standards. And like R3 Access, the HySecurity team of professionals are available to review project specs during the RFI (Request for Information) process to avoid costly changes orders later.

Years Affiliated with R3 Access: 18
Direct Access to Management: Yes 

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