Cloud-Based Access Control for Easy Management

Controlled Entry Access in the Hands that Matter

Wireless access control is changing the way gated communities, private residences and businesses manage secured entry. These systems are traditionally cloud based, utilizing ethernet, the internet and cellular systems, putting entry control into the hands of property owners and managers, In real-time, wireless access control systems provide virtual access to homes, condos, residential communities and businesses through laptops and handheld devices. R3 Access carries top brands, like Liftmaster, that integrate video streaming, voice access, and cameras.

It not only saves property management companies money in labor costs for employing attendants, but also provides a profit center for them. Additionally, we find that unit owners and tenants appreciate the added safety and convenience of having access control to their properties in their own hands.

Whether for home protection, crime prevention or access permission, wireless access technologies are the most efficient and cost-effective way to manage who gains entry to a property or business, and how.