Securing Access to Federal, State & Local Government Facilities

Reliable Government Access Control Solutions for Government Properties

Whether Federal, state or local, government facilities occupy every town, city and state across the country. Most require some level of secured access control, while others require the utmost in security. And, in most cases, government office balance public access with securing a facility.

Access control points are where the public, employees, deliveries and contractors enter a building or facility area.

Like with military facilities, highly secured government properties require crash-rated barriers and bollards to protect the infrastructure from hostile vehicle strikes, and other intruders. It’s essential that automated gate and door systems support the unique needs for each property or environment. Likewise, the right gate operator ensures efficiency, reliability and functionality.

Additionally, it’s critical for all automated gate solutions to maintain full reliability during power outages and remain functional under extreme environmental conditions. For these reasons, R3 Access staff and our partnering manufacturers are available to assist with solutions, design, and installation.

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Reliable Government Access Control Solutions - R3 Access Inc