Maintaining Access Control at Corporate Businesses and Commercial Facilities

Commercial facilities come in all shapes and sizes and include a range of services and industries. As such, each property requires a unique solution for access control for employees, visitors, deliveries, contractors and more.

As with all commercial facilities, there are external and internal access control systems required. Consequently, facility perimeters and entry points require various levels of secured access and monitoring, and internal areas necessitate access and monitoring of employees and visitors.
Additionally, these facilities often need controlled access with screening and/or inspection systems. 

Commercial access control systems must be designed to provide secure but flexible access through the operation of doors, gates and barriers, which can be managed by various solutions, such as telephone and video entry systems, wireless access, magnetic card readers and even biometric systems.

When protecting commercial facilities, gate operators must be incorporated into the site design making it critical to understand and install compatible, reliable and user-friendly systems. For these reasons, R3 Access staff and our partnering manufacturers are available to assist with solutions, design, and installation.

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