Whether for home protection, crime prevention or granting access to business buildings, floors and offices, wireless access control, which utilizes cloud, internet or cellular technologies, is the most efficient and cost-effective way to manage who can access a property and how. Wireless access control comes in various shapes and sizes from phone-based apps with video/audio streaming, to keypad entry systems, to fobs and card swipes, and more.

What R3 Access customers love about LiftMaster’s CAPX video wireless control line is the peace of mind that comes from being able to virtually see visitors, guests, deliveries and more from their phones or laptops. This wireless access system is easily operated from the proprietary myQ app/portal that puts access control into the hands of residents. Plus, it save property managers the time, and inconvenience in cost in replacing unit keys for new tenants. This product comes in three sizes: large (CAPX), medium (CAPXM) and small (CAPXS)– suitable for various property sizes.

Before technological advances, most security systems were hard-wired—meaning they required being connected to an electrical power source and have other wires that carry the data or signal.

Automated gates and operators are used across a range of property types from private residences, to commercial and educational campuses, to secured facilities and government buildings, to entertainment venues, airports, and beyond. Likewise automated gates come in a variety of designs and configurations that include but are not limited to barrier arms, sliding gates, vertical risers, and more. R3 Access offers operators for every type of automated gates and perimeter security systems.

With the endless flow of authorized and unauthorized access to and within gated communities and apartment complexes, it is perhaps property management’s most critical responsibility. Ensuring the ease of movement of residents, their guests, and community staff requires customized solutions.

Granting access to your most valuable asset – your home – and to the people and items in it are at the heart of all homeowner concerns and safeguards. Choosing systems that add convenience and security for you and those you invite into your home requires the right access control system.

When it comes to safeguarding commercial facilities, perimeter security systems are of the utmost importance for protecting people and properties.

Commercial facilities come in all shapes and sizes and include a range of services and industries. As such, each property requires a unique solution for access control for employees, visitors, deliveries, contractors and more.

Whether Federal, state or local, government facilities occupy every town, city and state across the country. Most require some level of secured access control.

Military bases and installation are among properties and areas requiring the highest level of security and access control, and defense against unauthorized intruders begins at the perimeter.