Whether for home protection, crime prevention or granting access to business buildings, floors and offices, wireless access control, which utilizes cloud, internet or cellular technologies, is the most efficient and cost-effective way to manage who can access a property and how. Wireless access control comes in various shapes and sizes from phone-based apps with video/audio streaming, to keypad entry systems, to fobs and card swipes, and more.

Automated gates and operators are used across a range of property types from private residences, to commercial and educational campuses, to secured facilities and government buildings, to entertainment venues, airports, and beyond. Likewise automated gates come in a variety of designs and configurations that include but are not limited to barrier arms, sliding gates, vertical risers, and more. R3 Access offers operators for every type of automated gates and perimeter security systems.

Crash systems, also called anti-ram barriers, are uniquely designed for controlling, limiting or mitigating access to properties and areas requiring the highest level of protection for the highest level of safety.  Anti-ram barriers are usually rated by third-party organizations and provide protection against vehicle attacks and accidents for embassies, sports arenas, airports, refineries and other areas that require protecting people and buildings.

R3 Access carries various accessories that help to maintain safety and security in professional, commercial, industrial and government/military environments. All products ship directly from our warehouse or drop ship from most vendors.